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Title Artist Genre Year
No Matter What ShapeT Bones  
At MidnightT Connection  
Chopped N ScrewedT Pain  
No Time To WasteT Spoon  
I'm In Luv (With A Dancer)T-PainHip Hop/Rap 
I'm SprungT-PainHip Hop/Rap 
Reverse CowgirlT-PainHip Hop/Rap 
Studio LuvT-PainHip Hop/Rap 
Take Your Shirt OffT-PainHip Hop/Rap 
BartenderT-Pain Ft. AkonHip Hop/Rap 
Best Love SongT-Pain Ft. Chris BrownHip Hop/Rap 
FreezeT-Pain Ft. Chris BrownHip Hop/Rap 
Can't Believe ItT-Pain Ft. L'il WayneHip Hop/Rap 
I'm In Luv (Wit A Stripper)T-Pain Ft. Mike JonesHip Hop/Rap 
Rap SongT-Pain Ft. Rick RossHip Hop/Rap 
ChurchT-Pain Ft. Teddy VersetiHip Hop/Rap 
Buy U A DrankT-Pain Ft. Yung JocHip Hop/Rap 
Sex On The BeachT-Spoon  
Happy Ever AfterT. Graham Brown  
Memphis Women And ChickenT. Graham Brown  
Never In A Million TearsT. Graham Brown  
Bang A Gong (Get It On)T. RexRock 
All About UsT.A.T.U.  
All The Things She SaidT.A.T.U.  
Friend Or FoeT.A.T.U.